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ISO 14001-2004, Environmental Management System

Is an international standard, provides guidelines to organizations for discovering and controlling their environmental impact and improving their environmental performance. It helps businesses to demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Why ISO 14001-2004, EMS for your organization?
Customers, stockholders, government and other interested parties of the business have great concern for the environment. ISO 14001-2004 helps organizations with the frame work to respond to the environmental inquiries. The Benefits include,

  • Improvement in overall environmental processes and performance of the organization
  • Creating a structure for applying pollution prevention practices to continually improve the activities of the organization
  • Systematic approach to increase efficiency, productiveness and lowering operating costs when managing environmental responsibility
  • Reduction in the risk caused due to environmental violations
  • Providing credentials to satisfy market's growing demand and bring global business opportunities with an identified mark of environmental efficiency
  • Adds value and support to organization's environmental policies

Implementation Methodology

  • Training to Process owners on standard's requirements.
  • Evaluation of organizational impact on environment.
  • Defining process and documentation requirements in line with standard's requirement.
  • Establishing suitable operational control procedures
  • Developing an effective training program to ensure that the system carries on working
  • Training internal audit team
  • Conducting checkpoint reviews to ascertain readiness.
  • Guiding for certification

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