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Hazard Identification, Risk Analysis and Determining Control Measures


The purpose is to identify all Occupational Health and safety related hazards in the organization, analyze the risk and determine the control measures to establish safe work environment and safe work practices.

Time line

Two to three working days


A systematic approach as per BS OHSAS 18001-2007 standard,

Stage - 1

Training Session: An interactive training with the key personnel/ key process owners on hazards identification.

Stage - 2

Hazard identification: Identifying hazards with process owners participation, observations, inspections and interviews

Stage - 3

Analysis of Risk & Determining Control Measures: Analysis of the OHS risks from identified hazards and determining controls.

Stage - 4

Presentation/ Recommendations: Presentation of observations and recommendations.

Outcome / Benefits

  • Control measures to minimize the OHS risks are determined. Implementing the control measures will ensure a safe work environment.
  • Process owners/ key personnel are trained on hazard identification.
  • OHS Hazard register is created, which is a reference document for risk control
  • Initiation on international standards approach to establish safety in the organization.

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